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IT Asset Management (ITAM) [noun]: Processes, policies, data, technologies, and resources necessary to ensure the effective acquisition, deployment, use, and disposal of IT assets (software and hardware) and related services, as provided by vendors under contracts.

Technology Asset Management Inc. (TAM), founded by Sherry Irwin in 1995, specializes in the maturing discipline of IT asset management (ITAM), including related disciplines of license, contract, and vendor management.

Effective management of IT assets/licenses/contracts/vendors ensures maximum benefit from IT investments at minimal cost and with acceptable risk. In our experience, organizations that implement an effective ITAM program will:

TAM has a mature consulting practice in IT asset management, assisting clients in developing and implementing programs and practices that are relevant to their organization and specific requirements.

In addition to advisory consulting services, TAM also offers educational workshops and seminars including ITAM strategy and program development, software asset and license management (SAM), and contract and vendor management (CVM).

TAM's IT asset management consulting and educational services are based on extensive personal and client experience – beginning long before most people had heard of IT asset management. Strengths include: